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Welcome to the Extreme Unicycling Championship (EUC), the premier event for unicyclists from across Europe! The EUC is an event that brings together unicyclists of all levels, from beginners to experts, to compete in all URBAN disciplines and showcase their skills.

The EUC is held in Marchtrenk, Austria, a beautiful location with world-class facilities that provide the perfect backdrop for this exciting event. Participants will have the opportunity to compete in a variety of disciplines, including flat, trials, and street unicycling, and demonstrate their skills to an enthusiastic audience.

At the EUC, participants will also have the chance to connect with other unicyclists, learn from experienced riders, and take part in workshops and other activities. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newcomer to the sport, the EUC is an excellent opportunity to connect with the unicycling community and take your skills to the next level.

Registration for the EUC is soon to be opened, and we encourage all unicyclists to sign up and be a part of this exciting event. We also welcome spectators, so if you’re a fan of unicycling or just looking for a unique and exciting event to attend, come and join us in Marchtrenk!

We look forward to seeing you at the European Unicycling Championship, where the best riders in Europe come to compete, learn, and have fun.


In addition to the exciting competitions and activities, we want to ensure that participants have a comfortable and enjoyable stay during the EUC. We are happy to offer lodging options for those who need them.

For participants who prefer a camping experience, we have 30 tent spots available on a first-come, first-served basis. We also have 20 campervan spots available for those who prefer to bring their own accommodations. Please note that these spots will also be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.
All of these spots need to be reserved in the registration form. 

For those who prefer more traditional lodging options, there are several hotels and other accommodations available in the area. We encourage participants to book their own accommodations as soon as possible to ensure availability.

We are committed to making the EUC a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all participants, and we are confident that our lodging options will meet your needs. Whether you choose to camp or stay in a hotel, we are sure that you will have a memorable and enjoyable stay in Marchtrenk. 


The EUC is organized by a team of experienced professionals who are passionate about unicycling and committed to making the event a success. Here are the three main organizers:

Christian Eder, from Austria, is the main organizer of the EUC. He has extensive experience in event management and has been involved in the unicycling community for many years. Christian is committed to making the EUC a world-class event that showcases the best of European unicycling.

Ian Dylewski, from Germany, is the street and flatland event director for the EUC. He is an accomplished rider with years of experience in organizing and competing in unicycling events. Ian is passionate about promoting street and flatland unicycling and is committed to making the EUC a platform for riders to showcase their skills.

Mark Fabian, from Hungary, is responsible for the graphic design of the EUC and acts as a consultant. He has extensive experience in design and branding, and his work has been featured in many high-profile events. Mark is committed to making the EUC visually stunning and ensuring that the event has a strong brand identity.

Together, Christian, Ian, and Mark bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the EUC. They are passionate about unicycling and committed to making the event a success. Participants can be assured that they are in good hands with this experienced team at the helm.


Here is the main schedule for the European Unicycling Championship:


Arrival of riders
Registration and check-in
Unicycle Cross Race


Flatland Competition

Speed Trial Competition

Longjump on Platform


Street Competition in a skate hall close to the event venue

Highjump on Platform

Beerpong competition in the evening


Trials Unicycling Competition

Final Party


Departure and cleanup


The schedule is designed to provide participants with a variety of exciting competitions and activities throughout the event. The Unicycle Cross Race on Wednesday is a fun way to kick off the event and get riders warmed up. Thursday’s competitions include the Flatland Competition, Speed Trial Competition, and Longjump on Platform. On Friday, participants will head to a nearby skatehall for the Street Competition, followed by the Highjump on Platform and a Beerpong competition in the evening. Saturday is all about Trials Unicycling, with a full day of competitions and activities, culminating in a final party to celebrate the end of the event. On Sunday, participants will depart and help with the cleanup.
We are excited to offer such a varied and exciting schedule for participants, and we hope that everyone will have a fantastic time at the European Unicycling Championship.

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